1500 meter in Tønsberg

The 1500 meter in Tønsberg this weekend went a bit like expected. I was feeling strong but unable to run it out like I did in Florø. With no faster training at all for a week my legs were feeling sluggish and not prepared to run really fast. 3.45…

was ok but with normal preparations I will probably run much faster. Either way, it fitted nicely into the schedule leading up to the Bislett Games the 27th of June.

I will soon see the field in the 5000 meter there as of this date. About the only thing I know right now is that is will have the best Kenyans plus Bekele, the very promising (and already extremely fast) Ethiopian.

I now have two weeks of training before the European Cup, six days before Bislett. It will contain plenty of endurance and plenty of race specific training. That is ; 5000 meter speed. I have been building and building up to this point but now I need to do the specific sharpening and get enough rest in between those sessions.