World Class Athletes Trainingprograms

Links to World Class Athletes Specific Programs

Current :

1. Paula Radcliffe – Scroll to Page 16.”Plying to Improve”. From 99 – but training still similar except longer long-runs + more strengh work.

2. Nick Willis – 3.32 1500 m. Buildup for 2004 Olympics. See “Training Log”, right side.

3. Simon Vroemen – 8.06 steeplechase. Fastest non-African steepler ever.

4. Daniel Komen/Kiptanui -WR 3000 meter. From forum. Scroll to almost bottom, post by “Osto”.

5. Khalid Skah – Olympic 5000 m.Champion 1992/World Cross Champ/World 1/2 Mara.Champ. Look at this link for the specific sessions connected to that article (in Norwegian)

Baldini – Olympic Champion Marathon 2004 (brief, one week)

Trine Pilskog – 4.05 1500 meter last year.Ran in theĀ Athens Olympics.

Keith Dowling – Buildup for 2.13 in Boston Marathon

Josh Cox – US 2.13.55 marathoner

Former :

1.Steve Scott – US World Class Miler in the 1980s. From Bob Hodge page.

2. Gelindo Bordin – Olympic marathon winner in 1988. Buildup for Olympics. From forum

3.Bob Hodge – 2.10 marathoner back in the 80s

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