11 days until the Bislett Games

It is now only 11 days until the Bislett Games. I have had a nice and quiet week in Sandefjord. It has been strangely quiet, but now I start to feel that the race is getting closer. Journalists start to contact me, and people are interested in…

where I am at. All I can say is that all is well and I am really looking forward to racing. Tomorrow I will travel back to Oslo again for a press conference on Wednesday. The last week before a race like this one, I like to have time by myself. My best preparation for a race is to focus on training/the race and simply relaxing. So I like to spend lots of time doing nothing, and just preserve my mental energy for the race. I do that the best in Oslo.

The last week I have also worked on this website. It has been a little bit crazy since it is officially being released tomorrow. I like everything to be up and going, since I have spent time on this project. But now all seems to be running, and I can focus on putting out the daily athletics news (it is actually myself who is doing that – not the webmaster 🙂 ) and personal information.

I have also been in close touch with Peter Coe lately. He is now connected to the net, so I can email him. That makes things easier in communicating with him. He has a special way of preparing me for big races, and his input the days before Rome was an important factor in my qualifying time for Sydney. He gets you into a racing mood with his British wit and high (but easy sounding) goals. It is people like that you need around you the week before a race. So 11 days to go – looking forward to it !


to see the startlist for the meet, click at :

for general information : http://www.bislettgames.com

Countdown for the Bislett Games 13 days !

My countdown to the Golden League Bislett Games has started. Yesterday was my regular test session 14 days before a major meet. I have been home in Sandefjord lately, but drove to Oslo together with my advisor Per Halle to do the training session…

there. In Oslo I have a group of 5 Kenyans I can train with, and to push me in workouts. They range from 1.44 in the 800 m. up to 7.45 in the 3000 meter. So they have a good mix of speed and endurance. The session went very well, I was running all the intervals very comfortable. I tried to run as close to race pace as possible to prepare for a fast 5000 meter in Oslo. The field looks very good and I am really looking forward to it…13 days to go. Last years meet was breakthrough for me, and Bislett is a special stadium – full of history and with the crowd close and loud. Hopefully it will be an experience this year as well.


to see the startlist for the meet, click at :

for general information : www.bislettgames.com

3000 m. in the European Cup

This weekend I raced the 3000 meter in the European Cup at the Nadderud Stadium in Norway. The field was very strong with Mouhrit, ex.Marrocco now Belgium (7.32/12.58) who won the World Cross Country Championships this spring and Diaz of Spain, a…

3.31 1500 meter runner. The race started very slow. I had discussed with one of my close advisors, Per Halle, before the race about race tactics. We agreed on staying behind and relaxing up to the 1800 meter mark, and then gradually build up for a 400 m. sprint finish. This tactic worked perfect. With 1400 meter to go I advanced to 2nd place and with 1200 I took the lead. The pace then gradually got faster the next two laps, with lap times dropping from 66 to 61 and 60. With one lap to go, Diaz and Mouhrit was still there. Diaz kicked hard with 200 meter to go and I tried to go with him. Mouhrit did the same. Diaz got a few meters when he passed me, and it was difficult to close that gap. But when I saw Mouhrit coming on my shoulder I realized that this was a chance to beat a great runner. So I kept on pushing and kicking down the straightaway and finished 8/100 of a second in front of Mouhrit with a 8.02 for second place. The last 1500 meters was right around 3.44. I was very happy with it because such a tactical affair is something I am not used to. Usually I have to run as hard as I can the whole race just to keep up. I learned a great deal from it, and it was another experience that will help me run well in a tactical race in Sydney.


The team around me

The be successful in athletics, especially on an international level, you are also dependent on having a hard working team around you. I have picked my team, and the group works very well together. They all have special strengths and have helped me…

as a runner. I respect them a lot, they respect me, and they respect each other. These are the people daily involved in my work:

Peter Coe
Per Halle
Frank Evertsen
Johnny Høgseth
Ståle Jan Frøynes
Joe Newton


Norwegian Record in Florø

On the 8th of June I set a new Norwegian and Nordic record in the Florø Grand Prix. The old Norwegian record was from 1974 and the old Nordic one from 1979. Before the race I had 7.47.66 and did not really think about any records. Knut Kvalheim, who…

had the old record, is a legend in Norwegian long distance running, and taking the last of his records was not even in my thoughts. But the week before I had some really good workouts. The altitude stays in Kenya started to work, and I was running faster then ever on my long, hard Mr.Coe Vo2 max sessions (I hate those session, but they work great!).
The pacemaker Stokes passed the 1200 meter in 3.06. I was right on pace at the 1500 meter, passing it in 3.52. But at that stage I was starting to feel it. My breathing felt great, but I had only raced once on the track and my legs were getting hammered in the 12 degrees C weather. I lost focus for a lap, but at 2000 meter in 5.09 I knew I had a shot at the record. 400 meters to go I took a quick glance at the watch. At the stage I had to decide : take the pain and go for the record, or just run for victory. The Kenyan behind me was falling off, and I started to push. At 100 meters to go, I heard the speaker 7.22/23/24…..7.38 and only a few meters to go. I threw myself over the finish in 7.42.05. Still 10-12 seconds away from world class, but getting closer every year.