Back from Florø

What can I say ? The seasons debute was just about as expected. Extremely heavy legs after the altitude (which I am not close to stable from). I could feel it coming on Thursday when the good period I had in the beginning of the week suddenly turned…

around. It is scary how much variations you can have. The higher you go in altitude, the better base training you get (=stronger) but the more up and downs you get also. So I basically felt like I was running with the breaks on 🙂 Normally I would be worried, but I have been through this before. The only difference is that this year I had to compete during a period of great post-altitude variations, something I normally would try to avoid. But it will pay off later in the year when I am rested and feel smooth. My aim is to peak later and this is the price I have to pay for it.

Now I will recovery for a few days and get into a normal rythm again. And build up for the Bislett Games at the end of the month.

All well 🙂