Links and Statistics

On the right side menu you will find a number of selected links to results/statistics plus other interesting sites on the web.

I have tried to limit the number to a few, with possibility to go to general link pages for more information (click on  “Various links” on the left side menue for links to other athletes pages, sports injuries, magazines etc.)

I have limited the number of links to ensure that it is easy to find the very best sites on the different runningtopics out there.


Update 2011 :

I’m about to add a variation of running blogs and at the moment I’m locating them here. They are all quality ones, of runners on practically all levels. Enjoy 🙂

First suggestion is David Tiefenthaler’s site running tips site over at . David was one of the guys who reviewed and helped me with the final touch of the 100 day marathon plan you see the video from on the main page of (you can find this program over at marathon training schedule ) He gives some excellent running tips from beginners runners to the more advanced ones.

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