Norwegian Record in Florø

On the 8th of June I set a new Norwegian and Nordic record in the Florø Grand Prix. The old Norwegian record was from 1974 and the old Nordic one from 1979. Before the race I had 7.47.66 and did not really think about any records. Knut Kvalheim, who…

had the old record, is a legend in Norwegian long distance running, and taking the last of his records was not even in my thoughts. But the week before I had some really good workouts. The altitude stays in Kenya started to work, and I was running faster then ever on my long, hard Mr.Coe Vo2 max sessions (I hate those session, but they work great!).
The pacemaker Stokes passed the 1200 meter in 3.06. I was right on pace at the 1500 meter, passing it in 3.52. But at that stage I was starting to feel it. My breathing felt great, but I had only raced once on the track and my legs were getting hammered in the 12 degrees C weather. I lost focus for a lap, but at 2000 meter in 5.09 I knew I had a shot at the record. 400 meters to go I took a quick glance at the watch. At the stage I had to decide : take the pain and go for the record, or just run for victory. The Kenyan behind me was falling off, and I started to push. At 100 meters to go, I heard the speaker 7.22/23/24…..7.38 and only a few meters to go. I threw myself over the finish in 7.42.05. Still 10-12 seconds away from world class, but getting closer every year.