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By clicking on the links to the left side of the page, you will find a number of articles on how the best athletes in the world are training plus the philosophy behind. This goes for distances from the 1500 meter up to the marathon. Through the Kenyan training principes, the Marroccon runners and the Norwegian female running stars.

I am currently re-writing some of the info, but what you will see is still very accurate.

In addition to this, under the link “World Class Athletes Workouts” you will find direct links to sites on the web with specific workouts/training logs performed by current and former world class athletes such as Paula Radcliffe, Moses Kiptanui/Daniel Komen, Steve Scott, Joaquim Cruz, Grete Waitz etc.


– Treadmill session with Henrik 2000 –

If you want to check out maraton training you may look at marathon training schedule.  Some of the info you’ll sind on this site tend to be “technical”. On the marathon training site, principles are explained in a very easy to grasp way, aimed for marathon running.