3 days until leaving for Bolivia again

Once again I am almost ready to leave Norway for an altitude stay. This time, like a month ago, I am heading for Bolivia. I am looking forward to it. I will be travelling there with Ole Holt-Olsen, a physiologist and close friend of my coach Frank….

Frank is unable to travel this time so that is a great choice. I was with Ole in St.Moritz this summer, so I know that he will take care of things and do a good job. He has worked in Olympiatoppen (Olympic training consultant) and has the same training and altitude ideology as Frank. So no conflicts there whatsoever. That is important, because the better you get, the more people want to “help” you with advice/discuss with you. I like doing that, but not when I am 100 % focused on training camps. The challenge has to come at the right times, not when you are doing the most important training of the year. What you need then is rest, focus and a good atmosphere around you.

We will travel to a few other training sites on this altitude stay. The main reason for this is to get some variation in training, but also some greater variation in altitude now as the season gets close. It is only about a month until my first track race of the season, a 2000 meter in Florø the 1st of June.

Track session tomorrow morning. Hopefully in another day of beautiful spring weather here in Oslo 🙂