5.04.66 and a new Norwegian record (? :) )

I did my first race of the season today with 2000 meter in Florø. The Norwegian record was 5.04.6 manual timing, and I finished in 5.04.66 behind the Kenyan athletes (who did 5.02-5.03)…unofficially, they add 0.14 seconds to manual timing to get…

the electronic one at distances over the 400 meters. But that will be confirmed later by the Federation. I do not know the rules 100 %

Either way I am satisfied with the seasons debute. I have never raced a race with that much training in my legs, and so few track sessions on tartan (mostly on cinder this year) and my endurance seems exceptional. I know that the Kenyans I raced are much closer to max shape at the moment, because they need some fast times early to get into good races later in the summer. I am NOT satisfied with the fact that I had the four Kenyans in front of me, but I take it for what it is worth : in one month they will probably be behind, and the time I achieved was much better then I expected. Quite strong for the first race of the season 🙂

My splits were even – 60-61-62-62-59. I followed the pacemaker until the 1200 meters, when the Kenyans took over. I did not have the regular track sting in the stride to follow and they quickly got a few meters that I was quite not able to catch up with. Later in the season I will.

So I am on my way ! Looks extremely promising for the rest of the summer. Now it is just to pack and get ready for St.Moritz, Switzerland on Saturday and 3 weeks down there at altitude :)))

Finally racing !!!