5000 meter at the Bislett Games : 13.14.63

Well, about 6 hours since the race here in Oslo and I have had some time now to analyze it. My splits looked like this (for 1000s) 2.37-2.35 (5.12)-2.44 (7.55.9)-2.42-2.38. Right before the race, 3 Europeans and two African runners who were suppose…

to be in the 13.10-15 range withdrew. I was then left with 16 sub 13.05 men (mostly Kenyans) and only one person with a Pr slower then my 13.11. The pace was very quick from the beginning, and as you can see from the spilts I had to push the pace already from the start. In Rome I had 5.18 at the 2000 meter and 7.58 at the 3000 m. so I was already at the 2000 meter mark up 6 seconds on that time. But the whole field was way ahead of me then, and I was basically running by myself, trying to keep up the pace and rhytme. It is brutal to run 7.55 at the 3000 meter and see the field in passing at 7.44 in front of you 🙂 THAT says something about the level of the field staged at the Bislett Games. It was just incredible. I had to really work the last 2000 meters, but I kept my head into it. I am satisfied with the 13.14. It proves to me that my 13.11 in Rome was not a one time thing. Last year I did 13.22 at Bislett, this year 8 seconds faster. So I am getting closer ! Anyways, it was a great experience for me, running in such a strong field. Next year I am ready to knock off some more seconds. Until then I will focus on the Olympics and be happy about two races under my goal for this season : running 13.15. All from me now. Have to get some sleep and get ready to practice tomorrow !

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