Arrived in Kenya !

We have now arrived Eldoret, Kenya and ran our first training session up here. Just an easy long run. It is strange to be back again. This is my sixth time down here, and I just go into the usual lifestyle, routines and patterns right away. Quite…


Every time we come down here, we see new changes going on. Eldoret is getting more “modern” every single time. Most of it for the best, but you also have some other things that comes with it…for example, some of the excellent mud/cinder roads around have been closed because of the expanding city and investments going on. Where you could run long, quiet runs a year ago, you now have fences. But mostly, all the training places are there.

It is hot here, abound 30 degrees C in the middle of the day, but we enjoy the extremely fresh mountain/altitude air. So it is not that bad. But we will have to run early in the morning and late in the evening on most of the quality work, and then add in some mid-day runs but they have to be easy. Otherwise it will be a bit too hot for optimal training.