A visit to the High Altitude Center in La Paz

Today we went to the High Altitude Research Center here in La Paz. It is interesting to see how they are working. With very few resources, they are able to study this kind of altitude daily because of its location. We talked to the professors…

working there and had a good understanding of how things work. Altitude is a totally different world then sea level. Your body at altitude is not the same as your body at sea level. A number of parameters change, and you can feel it clearly as you train or just stay up here. It was interesting, because one of the first things the professors said at the Center was : “Altitude is so much more then blood levels”. I hope that quote goes out to those many people that think you sleep yourself to top performances at altitude (because of an increase in red blood cells). Join us up here, and take a run with us and you will think differently….

The training stress here can be felt now. It is harder to get out in the mornings, and you fall asleep almost instantly at night. You can just feel that your shape is improving, even though I was feeling extremely strong before leaving. Like I said : it is a totally different world and body up here…

Time to go to the track for a good distance workout.

All well from here,