A week post-altitude

I am ready to step up the training now as I go into the next week of training. The last days have been spent on recovery and post-altitude light controlled workouts. I have been lucky to get through this period with a stable and strong body – no…

problems with colds or anything even with the change in climate and altitude. So I have a very good starting point for the very important next period of training. It is time to put in the last hard winter work before moving towards the spring and faster sessions.

The Bislett Games is early this year, the 11th of June so I have to be sharp fairly early. This means two things ; you must be right there, both in terms of cardiovascular and muscular fitness as the race comes around – but at the same time you have to be patient so that you do not start early with the peaking period. That will be a problem later in the year, as the Olympics is late August. So I am using all the knowledge from prior years and notes to time it perfect. I like this kind of planning – it gives you a chance to control the outcome through smart choices πŸ™‚

All well,