A whole new experience – all well in Bolvia…

Finally I have found a decent internet cafe to update this page from…it took us almost a week to just figure out that the city of La Paz is largely divided between an Indian side and a “European” side…..of course the first day we came here we…

ended up right by the largest Indian market in town and it was the most confusing feeling……I mean, arriving Kenya as a mzungo (white) was strange, but arriving the Indian quarters of La Paz was like being thrown into a Hollywood movie setting where you are absolutely clueless about what was going on…..

Speaking of movie settings…..arriving the airport of El Ato above the city of La Paz gave one of the most spectacular views I have ever experienced. There, below us : La Paz – 1 million inhabistants packed into a valley with mountain peaks well over 6000 meters altitude (Bolivia has 1000 peaks over 6000 meters) all surrounding the city.

Life here is very relaxing. To illustrate this, I just realized todays (and Frank as well) that we have been one hour off the time here for a week without noticing (!) Imagine working one hour off everyone else back in Norway……would bring some confusion when your watch says 5 and all other 4……

But now that we have gotten used to our own little time, we decided to stick with it. So we go to bed at around 10…..which is actually 9……etc. Quite convinient 🙂

Training is going like planned. An easy start and slowly building up. The aim of this training camp is mostly to look at Bolivia as an altitude alternative for Kenya (and it definately is !!), get an early training camp in for acclimatization and find some peaceful paths to train on for a nice start of the season. So I am not pushing or anything. Just comfortable. The altitute feels fine – no problem at all – you can run hard and fast as long as your are a good athlete and used to altitude training. Fantastic training possibilities and great views everywhere.

About all from here. From now on I will update more often…..I had to work hard to find a place with a fast enough connection for updates…..

All well,

Ps : Event of the day : Some teenage girls in the “rich area” of La PAz got Frank mixed up with Emilio Estevez and started screaming. Definately made his day