Back from Hareid:)

I am back in Oslo again after this weekends gathering in Hareid.

We travelled up there on Friday and stayed until Sunday. During the weekend, I had a lecture on my training philosophy plus a slide show with pictures from Kenya and Bolivia…

for the younger athletes.
They had managed to gather almost 150 kids from young age up to 19 on this small island outside of Aalesund on the Norwegian coast. Very well organized and must have been a huge inspiration for those young ones 🙂 I can remember myself back then, one of the main things that kept me running (instead of just playing soccer/handball) was the social things around. And when time was ready for it, I commited but that was long, long after I started athletics originally.

Then on Saturday I did a small race up there, a local race that was held for the 24th year in a row. In absolutely beautiful weather and surroundings it was nice to get a nice float around. Though sore legs today after hammering down the last part there on asphalt 🙂
You can see a link to the race just below.

I will continue the same training path this week and hopefully get another few weeks with no snow..