Excellent week of training

Usually I take it easy when I get back from altitude, but because of the good adaption I got this time I decided to start hard work at home already from the first day. And it worked really well. I have had a great week of training, despite very…

difficult running conditions. So I have had to run all my long distance runs around on the soccer field and the quality work on treadmills. Not too motivational, but you still get the work done.

Tomorrow is a long, hard day and I will pack my training bag to be away from 10am until 9.30 pm. You just train, train and train. But if you start the week like that, the rest feels easy 🙂

I have received some quite interesting emails from Peter Coe recently. 82 years old (father of Seb Coe), but still going very strong and contributing to my running. He knows Frank from meeting him in Oslo last year and a couple of talks on the phone. They are very much on the same page. So he helps me with specific workouts and general ideas. Then we put it into our system of training. Works really good. His standards are nothing but H I G H. No matter what you do, you can always do it better 🙂 I think he has been really, really satisfied with my performance two times : my 13.11 in Rome two years ago (big personal record – and he had calculated I could do 13.10-12..) and the 9th at the World Champs (where he calculated that below 13.20 would be top 10 in a normal race based on the prelims…I did 13.22 🙂 ) To have such a man helping you means that you will always stay sharp and never rest physically or mentally.