Finally the spring is here:)

After a winter with much more slow than normal, plus a pretty cold spring so far the temperature now has hit around 20 C. Good to finally get a feel for that kind of weather again.

Published: Sat, 06 May 2006 by Marius

Training is going fine. On Monday, another long track session that Øystein joined in on. So we alternated leading the intervalls. Not an all out kind of session at all – just floating through and “resting” behind eachother as the other one was pacing. But good total amouth, getting nice km of running economy at a faster pace.

Then on Tuesday, the Federation had a press conferance concerning the season of 2005 – for the elite group. Including information on some of the race plans for the ahletes. Unfortunately, the season at home here starts very early this year, with the normal highlight of the regular track season already the 2nd of June at the Bislett Games. I saw this challenge early – as the exam period in school is right at that time. I waited the decision as long as possible, but the load in school is just way too much to be ready for a race at that time. Weeks of very little sleep and heavy days in hospitals + reading in those exam weeks challenges your priorities so something had to go. It also has to do with future responsibility – you just cannot run away from school material and “gamble” on the exams – when you know you get patients to take care of in the future that may just need you in that particular field. That means that the season will be pushed forward with about a months time of what is normal – to the beginning of July. And go on until the middle of September if things go as planned.

The nice weather now is a good chance to double up a bit on the sessions – running a bit harder on the mornings when I have quality sessions in the afternoon.

From Oslo, feeling fine.


some “private”pictures from Italy from the long distance group of SK Vidar – see the running pictures on the bottom of the page. Some from the track sessions of Øystein and myself.

Pictures from Italy