Five days until Rome

It is now five days until Rome. Tomorrow is a “test” track session to monitor the higher end aerobic, lower end anaerobic system. This is what you would like to be fined tuned going into a competition and is usually in direct correlation to the…

(individual) anaerobic threshold at that current time.

The test is one of many I have developed over the years, most of them during my training together with former coach Frank who is still a good friend of mine. We got to the point where we had tests for almost any “system” needed in a 5000 meter race, at different times a year. I always try to develop those tests, but the work we did back then is so precise that it is still the real fundament for most of them.

I am feeling fine building up for Rome. Trying to fit in the work needed to perform again, everything closely monitored. This looks like an incredible year in the 5000 so no time to rest ; fantastic 5000 in the Kenyan trials, 13.14 at altitude for the winner – last years world champion. In addition to the World Record this year by Bekele and the probable start of El Guerrouj at Olympics we are looking at probably the best year ever in the 5k πŸ™‚

All well,