Getting ready for some warmer weather again:)

Only five days until leaving for Portugal and the training camp there. I will once again travel with the club Vidar, that Henrik runs for and I do some of the trainings together with. We were quite a large group last year in Italy and this year a…

total of around 30 will travel down there – a mix of different distances. I am looking forward to travelling down there, we have had loads of snow up by Sogsvann recently so time for some warm weather and soft surfaces again.

The combination of that is great about Portugal as the Eastern break is early this year. There you will still have 20-25 degrees C while at the same time nice soft running surfaces. That combination is something different than hammering around on the asphalt. It gives you both the training lift needed in itself while at the same time restitution on legs having done miles after miles on hard winter surfaces.

So just keeping the pressure up now until then πŸ™‚