Great trip to the mountain areas yesterday – training going well

We spent Sunday up in the mountain areas of Kitany, about one hour drive from Eldoret. It is the most beautiful place for running, extremely green and with soft long stretches of mudroads right on the cliffs of Rift Valley. There you can see…

straight down over 1500 meters. A group of runners that are coached by Frank have camp up there. Quite good ones, a couple around 13.15 5000 meters in Europe last year. One of them, Joseph Kosgei is 1.74 meters tall and only 47 kiloes (!!). I think he will break 13 minutes next years. He has a nice, smooth stride and a good head. And plenty of running talent. He started running at the age of 30 and has now run for only two years. And his second year (this summer) he did 13.15 at Bislett Games.
So we met with him and the others guys up there and had a relaxing evening with them.

Then we brought three of them down to Eldoret today for an extreme intervall session this morning. It is 12 hours ago, but I still have trouble walking straight…..we got up at 6 o clock and ran to the Platue above the city. It was pitch dark when we started but the sun came up around 6.30. Fresh air and perfect temperature. We did the looooong, hard session pushing eachother. The Kenyans are strong up here, being 100 % acclimatized to altitude. But with the right training and talent it is still possible to follow them.

A new record was set today. The famously slow service at the hotel reached new heights….we waited for 2 hours for some toast, bacon and eggs 🙂 It was almost like we wondered if they actually killed the pig and chicken before making it. But this is Kenya, and time is time. No worries, no stress. So instead of eating we just sat around and talked….and talked some more…:)

All well from Kenya.