Heat acclimatization at home :)

Yesterday we hit 31.4 degrees C here in Oslo, making it the highest temperature of any European capital. I am very happy with that. It makes it really easy to get used to the hot weather I will experience in Athens.

So I did one of my harder…

aerobic sessions yesterday in early evening weather when it was at the hottest. I was feeling strong but could of course feel the heat.

I keep following the selection process for other nations in the 5000 meters at the moment. It looks as if it will be by far the strongest field ever – especially if El Guerrouj runs. You will have some of the worlds fastest and strongest runners – with experiences from the marathon down to the 1500 meters. Making it unpredictable – other than the fact that it will all be very, very fast 🙂

On Sunday I will travel down to Lesvos, an island outside of Greece to do get (more) used to the heat. Then I will stay there as long as possible before entering the Olympic village. In 2000 I travelled 4 or 5 days before to Sydney (from the precamp) and that was too early. Now I have more experience and know exactly how to avoid those mistakes done down there.

Time for another run in the heat!