Home sweet home

We had the coldest day so far this year in Norway (almost -20 C this morning in Oslo), while at the same time the hottest day in Dullstrom (30 degrees C) yesterday. So quite a shock as I got off the plane in Norway wearing sandals 🙂

But as…

long as the roads are ok to run on I really do not mind that much. I will go into a period of easy training now and so the speed on the long runs should not limit the progress.

Spoke to Ståle Jan today after arrival home and we discussed the dates for the testing regime after arrival home. Since he lives in Tønsberg, about 1 hr 20 minutes from Oslo we have to book those tests a bit in advance. But hopefully next week and at least the week after that we will do the standarized testing with the team. Very important but also very inspirational to push the progress, you cannot hide during those tests.

Maybe some track strides the coming week to freshen up the legs abit after the altitude stay. A while ago since last time and not much track work in Dullstrom, as the track there got stolen a few years ago (only in Africa! The grass track actually got stolen piece by piece by the locals a few years ago as the grass made good building parts for their houses) But if I really wanted to I could have gone to Belfast, only 15 minutes drive for the nice grass track down there. Back here though, plenty of options, either in the Ekeberg indoor hall, the Top athletics center or at the College of Sports nearby. We will see, taking it day by day..

From Oslo!