Indoor sesion

I did a mix of 200 and 400s on yesterdays track session indoors. It was the first time on an indoor track for a while but it was quite easy to run with the tight bends again. I guess two winters of hard (too hard) indoor running in the US when I was…

younger did some good for the future indoor feeling.

I am feeling better for each day now. In about a day or two I will be starting a very nice period after altitude. I will use that time to test my body as much as I can. I have been longer at altitude than before on the last two Kenya stays and the training has been harder. Therefore it is important to see how actual times and sessions correlate with previous years (mostly 2000 and 2001)

I have put out some new pictures on the web (under Pictures and Kenya 2003) I hope more will come after the next stay down here. Also take a look at the webpage of my friend, Henrik, at There you will find more photoes :))

All going well !