In St.Moritz, Switzerland

I am well down in St.Moritz now. Frank and I arrived here on Saturday. It is the perfect place for altitude training in the summer. It is located in a valley in the Alps, with high mountains (from 3000-4000 meters) surrounding it. It is still snow…

on top of them, and they make a beautiful contrast to the green valley at a bit over 1800 meters.

We have decided to stay about a 15 minute jog from the center of St.Moritz. It is called Silvaplana, and is a small village by the lake. The track is in St.Moritz, but running conditions from Silvaplana are better. From Silvaplana you have the same forest paths (that are located between the two places) to run on as from St.Moritz, but in addition to this you can also run in the other direction on cinder roads through the magnificant mountainside scenario.

It is really quiet here right now, as it is low season for skiing and summer activities. Makes it the perfect place to relax and refresh oneself before a stressful summer of racing and travelling.

The first quality session down here around the lake felt extremely good. Because I am used to much higher altitudes and been on a string of altitude stays this year, I quite honestly do not feel the altitude at all. Great for faster sessions now as Rome and the 5000 meter there is only a month and one day away πŸ™‚

I will post some pictures from here later. Until then, you could take a look at or to get an idea. They donΒ΄t have the greatest pictures on there, but at least it will give you a visual impression.