Leaving for Kenya tomorrow !

I am packed and ready for Kenya now. I am looking forward to it, as always, but I have to admit that I would also have liked to stay a bit longer in Norway now……the spring has come and it is great for running right now….

But it is still…

not as warm as in Kenya, and not as high (Sandefjord is right by the sea at 7 meters altitude 🙂 ) Plus no runners to train with. So I guess going down there is just a thing to do. And I will only stay for 2 weeks now. Then I will continue the altitude stay somewhere in Europe. Is it more convenient, as the season gets closer. Then I need some track work, and in Kenya the only tracks are in Nairobi.

I will bring with me some work, so that this web page is ready and fixed for a new season. By the visiting numbers, I can see that the season is getting closer. We have a monthly growth of around 20 %, which is nice. So far this year, we have had around 1 million hits, but we are getting close to half a million every month now.

Frank Evertsen left for Kenya yesterday. He wanted to check with Susanne and Henrik (he is the coach of both) that everything is ok. It should be – in their second year with altitude training, and a good system of testing, they are hitting the right intensity on almost all intervalls in a session.

Time for me to go. Have to remember everything for tomorrow 🙂