Looking forward to watching the 10000 finals!

before out there on the stadium. And you will start to realize that it is getting closer. It was the same in Sydney. I remember, watching live in the stadium, the spectacular finish between Haile and Tergat in the 10k.

The 10k race will break some of the mental quietness out here on the island. Plus tomorrow is some harder work on the track to freshen up the legs before the 5000 Wednesday.

I have rested alot lately. I am used to resting the legs before important races but now I also make sure that the central nervous system is rested. This, because I know that all the impressions in Athen will also be a factor affecting your general level of rest. The Olympics, like I have said many times before, is special in that way..

Total rest day yesterday and only one easier longer session today in the heat. We hit 32 degrees C today so plenty hot enough for acclimatization :))

From Greece and the precamp,