New coach. The team complete for next year.

We have finally completed the process of building the team for next year.

My new coach is Eystein Enoksen, who recently finished his Doctorate degree at the Norwegian University of Sports. He has long experience within athletics and has both…

the formal and practical experience we were looking for. The rest of the team will look like last year, with Leif Olav Alnes, Ståle Jan Frøynes, Ole Holt Olsen and Arild Abrahamsen. All of them have either bachelor or master degrees in sports science or medical school education. An extremely strong combination of great people to work with. I think you have to look far out to find a team this strong..

It is with great relief that we now have these things ready. I have started training for next years season already and it makes things alot easier when you know who you will work with. It has been a real puzzle, but now things are ready to go.

The last week of training has been hard and demanding but rewarding when you look at progression. I feel back in shape again after three and a half week of training. Now it is just to plan things in detail onwards. Where to go and what to do. What I know for sure is that I will soon leave for Kenya and do altitude training down there. The outside temperature is getting close to 0 degrees C (32 F) here now and you can get much more good training done at 25 degrees down in Kenya.

Today I did a double hard session. In the morning 6×2000 meters treshold (comfortable) and in the afternoon 3×8 minutes hill work hard (well above the treshold) I was a bit heavy on the morning workout, which was shorter than normal due to the hard evening training. But then this afternoon I was feeling great and finished well within the times I have had earlier in the year. So I feel well and strong. No more symthoms on the feeling I had this summer :))

All well from here,