One of the last updates before the race

This will be one of the last (or the last) updates before the race. But I will be on a “netmeeting” with the NRK tomorrow, take a look at

I can feel tension is building up now. I…

will watch the Ostrava meeting this evening, with Bekele trying for the 10.000 meter WR and that will probably help a bit also 🙂 I have been in this game many years now, running international meetings/championships for the sixth year in a row so I know how to deal with the pre-race stuff. One of my strengths is that I always run as well as I am trained to. I never let pressure or outside factors tip me over in one way or another. You need to have that kind of security within yourself in order to compete at this level..

Easy treshold work tomorrow to trigger the aerobic system before the race. I have tried a variety of models for the last days before a meeting and this is part of what I have found working well time after time.

Other than that, plenty of rest and mental recovery 🙂