Participation list ready for Brussels

I have now received the list of runners entered in the Brussels Golden League 3000 meters. It is a very strong field :

El Guerrouj (7.23)
Mouhrit (7.26)
El Wardi (7.34)
Baba (pace ?)
Bakken (7.42)
Goucher (7.34)

Limo (7.33)
Mekkonen (7.33)
Wolde (7.32)
Kipketer (7.34)
Kipkosgei (7.27)
Bitok (7.32)
B.Limo (7.28)
Kibowen (7.29)

With this kind of a field, there will be fast times. I am hoping they will throw some 7.37-42 guys in there also (usually that happens close to the race), but either way it will be ok. I have to get used to running in fields like this. As it looks now there are only three non-Africans in there, one ex-Marroccon and twelve Maroccons/Kenyans and Ethiopians :))

I am feeling fine in practice. No more really hard sessions this season. The races at the World Champs were plenty to boost the endurance. Now it is just to try and keep that feeling throughout the season. I did some easy strides on the track today, just to keep my legs going.


ps : For those of you that send me emails through this page, please be patient. I will try and answer most of them, but with so many mails coming in, it is really hard (especially when I am trying to update as well). But I do read them and appreciate receiving them πŸ™‚