Pictures from St. Moritz out on the web

If you go to “pictures” and then “St.Moritz” on the left hand menue, you will see how it looks down here. It is a great place for running and just simply relaxing.

The first week up here has consisted of a good mix of track sessions and…

endurance. I feel strong, and Frank has had to hold me back on some of the work. I have a good sense of control over different paces and the response I have to training, but it is always good someone look at you from the outside. Just to see the whole picture.

Only about 10 days left of my stay, and Rome is getting closer. But I will be ready by that time. I just have to stay injury-free and healthy. That is a constant challenge, as I am always on the limit to what I handle.

More athletes are arriving St.Moritz now. It is the base of alot of the best Kenyans/Africans in the summer (like Tergat/Koech etc) plus many of the best non-Africans. It is convinient when they race in Europe to have somewhere to go when they want to keep the altitude stress there and the blood values high.

All well here in Switzerland,