Rain and mud :)

We have finally had the first rain of the year now. It came during last evenings training (and night) and we were more than lucky not to get dripping wet. We managed to get in only 5 minutes into the rain.

People in Eldoret have been worried…

about it recently because all the farmers here are extremely dependent on the rain and now it has delayed for some time. So you can feel the relief around..

Training this week has been fine. It is the third week in a row on rather high mileage so I can feel my legs starting to get tired. It will be great with a few days of total rest when I arrive back to Norway again. After 9 out of 12 weeks at altitude in the new year I have to put in some kind of buffer zone when I come home again now. The spacing until next altitude stay will be more so I have plenty of time for this.

Reports from Oslo say that the weather has changed and it feels like spring. I really hope so. Nothing could be better to leave from Kenya just as the rainy season is starting and arrive back in Norway for the spring !

From Eldoret,