Ready for the Final on Friday :)

I have now tuned mentally and physically in on the Final of the World Champs on Friday. It will be a HARD race with all good runners. The slowest personal record in the race is 13.11 (Goucher). I cannot remember seeing such a field ever essembled in…

a Championships. You have had a better field in terms of a few really fast runners, but never the whole field better then 13.11. That will make the race extremely tough.

My expectations are is terms of what I am good for at the moment. Close to (or more then) 10 of the athletes in that field (3 Etiopians, 3 Kenyans, Said Sief, Garcia, Sghyr and Amyn) are just one step better then me at the moment – at any given race and speed. But then you have the other guys that I can fight with – plus that some of the 10 (that actually all have a chance of winning !) could have a difficult race for some reason. There are always possibilities out there, and I will take them if they appear.

I am feeling fine. The qualifying race seems to be out of my legs. Some work tomorrow and I will be ready to race at 22.35 Edmonton time Friday. I am really looking forward to it. It has been a dream to be in a Final like this and I have tried twice before (99 Worlds, 00 Olympics) I will use it as an experience and do my best. How well that will do, I have no idea. Either way it will be extremely tough. Wish me good luck !

Marius – last update before the race .