Sgyhr reinstated – 10th place for me :)

I just got the message that Ismael Sghyr who was disqualified yesterday is reinstated again after an appeal. I watched the race on TV last night, and I could not see what he was doing that was enough to DQ him. He runs a little with his arms…

outwards, but still. So I think it was fair to let the appeal go through. He did beat me for 6th, so it is prefectly ok and right of course.

Today has been busy but nice. Lots of interviews and pictures. And I am really tired after a night with little sleep. It is hard to make your body rest after such an intense effort. And tomorrow I will leave early, so I have to go to bed early…..I have a looong flight ahead of me. But it is much nicer to travel when you feel you have done your best.

I had a short run this morning, and was sore in the groin injury but I could jog still. It will take a little bit of time until it is ready to race again. I just have to take it step by step.

Well, great day today, the day after my World Champs ended πŸ™‚