The training of the great Portuguese runners in the training section

Thanks to Mr. Antonio Cabral, the “training corner” now has details on the training system of runners such as Rui Silva (world indoor 1500 m. champ 2001), Antonia Pinto (2.06 marathon) and Fernando Mamede. Check it out !

I will continue to…

expand this section as we go along. If any of you out there have detailed information on world class athletes training, please shoot me an email about it. I still have a number of “cases” in my file that will be posted on later, but I am always interested in more – so if you have any I would greatly appreciate it. I am interested in mostly first hand information, or very good second hand (not something written in “Runners World”….) and it has to be fairly detailed, not just general ideas. If you can help me, please email me at

Good reading, people –