Training for the season of 2002

I have had my rest after the 2001 season. About two weeks plus a few days of easy jogging is enough. I feel ready to start a new season.

First real training session today, and I was feeling fine. Every year, it seems easier and easier to…

start up because my running base is getting better. And it is easier and easier to keep on going through to the last races of the season. This year I managed to race well for almost exactly 3 months, last year about 2 months, and the years before that 5-6 weeks. Quite motivating to see that you are building your body strong over time.

I am also in the middle of planning my next season of running/altitude training. I am not starting off the year with Kenya like last year, but planning on a training camp at altitude in a totally different place……more of that later – it is still on the planning stage. (though it has been mentioned once in the Norwegian press). But it will be some time this fall, before all my exams at the University in November.

So, here we go again. New year of training, lots of possibilities and (alot of) hard work šŸ™‚