Training with Vidar yesterday

the year before my “breakthrough” when I did those sessions with the Oslo club BUL down at that same place 🙂 Excellent for training – flat, hard, no cars and always dry. No time to rest, plenty of time to push.

Henrik is the person I have done the most trainings with in my life -and shared the most of my good running experiences with. Travelling numerous times to Kenya together and sharing room there, plus two times to Bolivia. So we know eachothers strengths and weaknesses during workout situations after spending so much time together.

I did a hard treadmill session that same morning, so that we would be even in the evening. He did quite good in a 20 km road race about a week ago so in pretty good shape. So we floated nicely through the session together and it felt very effortless..

Tomorrow is another “sprint-coach-observed” session, so I better take it easy today to get ready for that 🙂

All well,