Up a bit higher..

I am leaving for altitude training this morning. Only 3 1/2 hours away close to the highest mountain in Norway Galdhøgpiggen.

I had originally not planned this but have  been having many discussions with the people I work with the last few days. It is the first time in seven years I have not been able to do my normal summer altitude training, due to a number of circumstances.

– the place I will be staying, the spot in the left corner. Quiet and peaceful plus good for training –

So a few days up there now feels right and beneficial. Just about four days, short stays that I have good experience with from my artificial altitude training in the years before. It makes it very safe and you will get the acclimatization period done just before you go down again. I will go with a friend up there, nice for some longer runs.

The level at the world champs will be extremely high in the 5000 meters this year. With 7 Kenyans/ethiopians, having run sub 13. Another three sub 13 Kenyans from other countries (Bahrain, Quatar, Uganda) two Marroccons that have been under plus Mottram from Australia and the winner in Heusden (KSA). For 15 spots in the final it will be extremely tight so I have to be at my sharpest.

Looking forward to some fresh moutain air again 😉