Waiting for the rain..

In a few days the first rain is expected around here. And it will probably be quite heavy šŸ™‚ It will only be in the evenings but the mud will be there in the mornings. So I am hoping it will stay like this at least until the end of the week….

I have had some quite nice training sessions here so far. I am enjoying the fast acclimatization and good base I have built over the winter. It enables me to hit the targets very accurate.

The father of one of my best friends down here (he who I assisted building the house) has been sick recently and occupied some of the time between trainings. It is hard for the family, because they have so many priorities to make and very little financial stability to meet them. The small farms do make some money but it is very seasonal. Now, with the dry weather it is a big problem. So we are trying to help them as much as we can.

Tomorrow is an easy day of training. Two longer runs at comfortable speeds šŸ™‚

All well !