Well into training in Kenya

I am well into the training in Eldoret now. I came here on Saturday, and took it easy until Monday, to get Saturdays “race” out of my body.

Training is going like planned. Sessions are fast, and I have acclimitized to the…

altitude. There is a huge difference in the feeling I have now – one week after I arrived – compared to the one I had in Saturdays race. To let your body adjust to the altitude means a massive speed increase in the training – and racing. Maybe I will jump into a race here later to see how things will go when being acclimitized fully.

All is the same in Eldoret. It almost feels like I was never home….it is sooooo relaxing here – the air is fresh and your energy doubles from what you have at home. But the temperature is a little bit higher this time – so we have to get up earlier to train. On hard days, we get up at 6.30 to do quality work (always in the morning, like the Kenyans do it) In Norway I get up at around 10….with two hours time difference to Kenya, that means I have had a time zone adjustment of 5 and a half hours 🙂 But I really don’t feel it, because it just feels nice to get up early, and then take a nap during the day.

I think it will be interesting to see how racing will go this year. I am really training well, but I am also just on the edge of how much a body can take of training. Every year I have been training, I can look back at it and say “I wished I knew the things I knew this year – last year”, which is a good indication that you are moving forward and progressing. Like last year and the years before that, I have challenged myself in practice this winter. Hopefully it will give results. Up to now, I have made progress every year from the age of 11……with personal bests. I think it is because I have never settled into a “comfortable pattern” but always searched for new and demanding things to do in order to improve. But as I do this, I get closer and closer to what I can take. So I have to be careful and listen to my body.

All for now. Everything is going smooth in Eldoret. The internet lines have gone back to the regular speed (which is not really “speed” at all…), so access is somewhat limited. But I will try to get on here, when it is possible.