What a 10000 meter at the World Champs yesterday !

I watched the 10.000 meters at the World Champs yesterday and what a race it was. An exceptional run by all three first finishers. With an even race I would have predicted a time in the high 26.20s, very close to the World Record. The first 5000 was…

only 13.52.

I have been aware of Bekele for a few years now, after racing him in 2001 in a 3000 meter. He ran 7.30 for a new World junior world record and I did 7.40 for the Norwegian record in Brussels.

If he runs the 5000 meter it will be a great race. I still believe Chebii is just slightly faster in the finish (believe it or not) if he is healthy, but he has been having problems with a calf injury recently. Either way, the level on the long distances are better this year than in some time…

I am training every other day now, just to keep my body going abit. Doing strides and easy runs šŸ™‚