13.25 in Heusden

It is going in the right direction both in terms of my leg + the runnngtimes. I could jog without pain in the morning of the race plus the race itself has not set me much back. But I have lost some of the momentum in the stride while recovering from it so I have a job to do there to get back into it again.

Published: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 by Marius

The body other than that feels fine so it feels a bit frustrating. Just like in Rome, passing the 3k in a bit under 8 minutes feels very very comfortable. Hopefully I will make some good choices in the weeks to come. I have been in the game a few years now so I know how important it is to focus on the right things and not jump to conclusions. The winter training + spring workouts have been done, it is now just a matter of getting back the momentum again.

From Heusden,