13.33 at the Bislett Games

I was abit disappointed with the race at the Bislett Games yesterday. For the simple reason that I was on my way to peaking perfectly for it only 3 1/2 weeks ago at Florø with a good, strong race and it feels bitter that I got sick (twice..) after…

that. I rarely have problems like that but I guess it was sort of an anti-climax after the Florø race that left my body very tired after being out of racing that fast for almost two years.

Considering the times I was running last year the time was some 25 seconds better but this spring has been totally different. I feel back to normal again but last year I was out of it on almost all workouts and all races. That is what is frustrating to think about. Bislett means alot to me and I wanted to run at least under 13.20. Especially in this last meeting at the old stadium.

This evening I will travel away from Oslo, up to 800 meters “altitude” – to the peaceful mountainsides of Norway. There I will stay in the very quiet atmosphere until the next race. I know I can get back to where I was only a few weeks ago. But doing so I have to put this race behind me – rest, train and focus. And there is no better place to do so then far away from city life.

I will try and update from there – but if it gets a little quiet you know why.