14 days until my seasons debute in Florø :)

In exactly 2 weeks I will run my first race of the season. Like the two previous years (except a low key 1500 m in 99) I will do it in Florø on the west coast of Norway. In 1999 I did 7.47 in the 3000 m. there (debute), and last year 7.42.05 setting…

a Norwegian and Nordic record. So I like the track and the place.

One of the meet directors is my manager, Ståle Jan Frøynes, and he always comes up with good pace makers for me. We are hoping for the same this year. I will run the untraditional distance of 2000 meters there. I wanted something longer than 1500 m, but not as long as 3000 meters. The field will be quite good. At least three Kenyans, all good for low 7.40s in the 3000 meters/maybe even high 7.30s. So I will have good competition. Plus my training partner Henrik Sandstad will run there.

I have planned for the post-altitude to kick in right at the meet, but you never know. Before the seasons opening you always have this feeling “is everthing ok?”…..have I done the right training over the winter etc.etc. But usually it turns out well. The only thing I am worried about now, is that the race might come just a bit early for me, because I have run only about 2 weeks on a tartan track so far. I have done track work several times a week every week over the winter (with spikes and everything), but in Eldoret they only have cinder tracks. They have tartan tracks in Nairobi but that is 4 hours away. So I just hope that my “track stride” will be tuned in before Florø.

All going well with training. There is nothing like real track work !