Great seminar on diet at the Norwegian School of Sports !

Yesterdays seminar on diet lived up the the expectations. With an international name like Dr. Barry Sears present, the participants got a different view on diet – based on highly scientific research…just the way I like it. The other speakers there…

were also of very high caliber. You basically can do two things to recovert between given training sessions : sleep well and eat right. I think diet is highly underestimated in importance. I am NOT talking of losing weight, but simply recovery and being able to work more because you recover quicker. The Sears diet works well (, and I use many aspects of it – but it is individualized by Dr. Dag Viljen Polesynski, a Norwegian expert in the field (eg. I have a far greater content of mono/polysaturated fat in my diet – helps the endurance). We have worked on it for about a year now with him and found out what works perfect for me. I am lucky to have such people around me – willing to share their knowledge and fit it to what I need as an individual. I could not have run well without them.

All is very well. I am starting to get a good “sting” in my stride, and track sessions feel comfortable. I know I am unstable these days after altitude, but I still feel in shape. About a week more and I will get the post-altitude “go-go-go” feeling. You feel like a god for about a week πŸ™‚

Summer has come to Norway now. 20 degrees sun. The track up by the Sognsvann Lake where I lived was filled with athletes in all ages today. Quite inspiration to see that others also like to do the sport you love. I will go there more often now, to keep in touch with the other athletes.

So, everthing going as planned,