Back from two days of “Athens 2004” project

I have spent two days at the Norwegian Centre for Top Sports in Oslo on a 2 day seminar held by the Norwegian Olympic Team. It is a project with the 77 most promising athletes for the Summer Olympics in 2004/Winter 2006. Quite interesting – it…

prepares you mentally for something in 4 years tiem, and you get to share this feeling with others with the same goal. It gives you a break from the regular routine, and you can exchange valuable information with people trying to reach in the same direction. Just to get out of the mental “track” setting, can help you bring new ideas into your system. Most athletes tend to stick to their sport, but sometimes the really interesting ideas to develop are in other sports close to yours.

My training is going well. In a bit under 3 weeks I will do my seasons debute in Florø at a 2000 meter there, if everthing go as planned. I will get to race against three strong Kenyas, so it will be an interesting seasons start. I had a comfortable track session today, just to ensure that I am on track. And I think I am. I floated well, and Frank was very pleased with the way things looked. Now it is just to make the adjustment to the racing season smooth, without losing the great base training I have worked on through the long winter.

The post-altitude feeling is starting to come. I hope it will hit in like it usually does 🙂

All well,