2.18 for Henrik in London :)

My training partner Henrik did 2.18 in London marathon this last weekend, placing 21. It was a pr with 4 minutes in his second marathon race, so he is learning the way to go about these races.

He has been training with consistancy all…

through the winter and been great to run with on the longer endurance stuff. That base he has now will help him alot in the summer so hopefully he can get under 14 in the 5000 meters as well.

I am enjoying the rest days after altitude now. Only one training/day since I arrived back before todays double session. Then the load will gradually start increasing as I feel rested and ready again. This was about my 20th altitude stay in normal altitude (and about the 60th if you count the years I used artificual altitude – it is now no longer legal in Norway) so I am not surprised by the daily variations I see. They are incredible simililar stay after stay. Of course you can say it is self fulfilling once you already “know” when it goes up and down – but even on the lactate profiles the trend is extremely clear time after time. Inspiring to see the body so fined tune in terms of adaption 🙂

Perfect days for training in Oslo now. About 15 degrees C, fresh air and sun. Making the Sogsvann area crowded with people around there. On Monday I did a semi-hard workout there, nice to have people around again after looong treadmill sessions in the lab this winter…

Easy recovery today, going on the sideroads of Sogsvann.

From Oslo, resting well