3 days until Florø 2000 meter

I am finally feeling a bit sharper after a H A R D period of training. I managed to get down to normal times again this Monday on the trackworkouts (to coach Franks great relief) and seem to be progressing through the week. It goes like planned, but…

we were a bit nervous when we realized how worn down I was in the middle of last week :))

Now I hope to be training nice and comfortable for a while. No peaks (until close to Bislett Games the 28th of June) but just good, hard progression. I need that now after a long series of altitude stays.

I cannot believe that we are already into a new track season. In one way the winter has seemed long, because of all the training (and no injuries and time to “rest”) and travelling. But in another way it feels like I was running the World Championships yesterday. I think it has to do with focus. You are so much into something, and work your way through pains and up and downs. At this level, you simply have no time to look forward to and plan the track season, because it seems like you will never get through all the hard training and still be healthy/fresh. But suddenly you are there, ready to bring all that training to racing again. Today it is under a month until the Bislett Games. That will be my first major test of the year. With another month of work I hope to be there.

But before that, Florø. A nice little international meeting where my manager Ståle Jan Frøynes is involved in the organization. It is great to start there every year – it always marks the start of a new season of track competitions.

All well,