One week until my seasons track debute

It is now one week until I run the Florø track meeting here in Norway. The 2000 meter like last year. I am excited about starting the season but I also know that this comes a bit early for me after my Bolivia stay. I have a GREAT endurance base, but…

I am not used to this kind of hard altitude stay so close to the season. You sort of go into a daze, before you get an incredible lift after a while. The reason why I did the altitude stay all the way into May this year, is because I want to me in top shape at the European Championships in August. Last year I had a good peak at the World Champs but was maybe even sharper a month earlier at the Bislett Games. This year I have adjusted things aimed at the European Champs.

The field in Florø will be nice and hard. Some Kenyans, a Marroccon and a 3.36 1500 meter Russian. Plus some Norwegian runners.

Looking forward to it and hopefully it will a nice start to a good season :))

All well,