Press meeting with the Athletics Federation today

The yearly “national team meeting the press” was held today at the Top Athletics Center. About 15 journalists and photographers came from all the main newspapers to get an idea of how the athletes are set for the season and get individual pictures….

Plus we took national team photoes.

I like events like this. It is relaxed, laid back and you get to talk to the main athletics athletes in Norway. It is a small group, most located in Oslo.

I had a horrible track session this Monday but today I had a great anaerobic treshold session. Frank came out to the Sognsvann lake and took lactate acid tests. My endurance base is super at the moment, but because of the last altitude stay being so close to the season and so high I must expect some more time in order to get the track sessions right. But I feel better for every day at sea level so it looks promising.

I enjoy being back in Norway again. It is nice to run around the Sognsvannarea where so many people go to jog and walk. On every single run I get people who greet me and wish me good luck for the season. That is inspiring because it is so spontanious as I run past. It makes you feel that you are doing a good job, and that people respect what you are doing :)) And it reminds you that you have to stay focus and do your best in practice every single day.

Tomorrow is another hard session on the track. I hope it will be better than Monday πŸ™‚

All well from the beautiful spring in Oslo !