5 1/2 weeks down here so far..

We have now stayed 5 1/2 weeks in Eldoret – and especially when considering the very bad winter in Norway the stay has been great. Only two small down periods in training, the rest feeling strong and fresh. It seems like last years training at very…

high altitude and a body a year or two stronger (compared to 2001 and 13.09) has made me capable of training harder for much longer periods at altitude. But I know I have to be careful – I have several indicators of training stress and have to keep myself within the limits.

Toast, eggs (total about 200), chicken and ugali. It is time to get home now for some pizza now (we tried to order it down here but got some tomatoe mess stuffed onto a local chapati mix instead..)

I got an email last year from a visitor to this site when I had been in Bolivia (for about four weeks) last year and he complained that I spent an awful lot of space talking about the local lamas and that it was probably time for me to get back to Norway again. Guess it feels like that now πŸ™‚ You are getting so (too) used to things down here – the cows walking all over the place during the runs, the Kenyans coming not one hour late to appointments but one day, ugali starting to taste well etc.etc.

A few more days of training left :))